Let us do all the work of conducting professional fundraising projects for your organization or group.

  • All requests for support are made by MFC.
  • Volunteers, officials, teachers, students, and parents do not have the burden of organizing, supervising, and soliciting door-to- door sales. NOR do they deliver products, collect money, make the deposits, or fill out time consuming reports.
  • The organization has no products to purchase. There is no up-front investment, no inventory to store, and no chance of financial loss. We take all the risks.
  • Your organization’s community is offered both useful and tasty products. These high-quality products are 100% guaranteed.
  • MFC collects and deposits all the campaign funds for you.
  • Volunteers, officials, teachers, parents, and students are NOT burdened with record keeping, collecting money, handling products, and filling orders.
  • 100% of all collected and received donations go to your organization.
  • We are professionals specializing in making your fundraising projects successful. At the end of each of your campaigns, MFC presents you with a complete financial accounting of the fundraising project.
  • MFC is registered with and licensed by the State.

Fundraising made easy!
We only ask that your group fully promoted the campaign and responds promptly for requests for information. Yes, that's it!

Telephone: (419) 841-4605 Cell: (419) 356-1152
E-mail: info@yoursupportgroup.org